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DFG Office Coil-46 Coil Binding Machine

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The DFG Office Coil-46 Coil Binding Machine is the worlds first and only desktop coil binding machine to incorporate a full set of pull pins. Because it uses pins that can be fully disengaged it can ensure a completely clean professional punch without unsightly partial punches on any length of paper. The Office Coil-46 has a 12 to 15 sheet punch capacity and punch width up to 21" with an open throat design. It features an adjustable punch margin for improving all books' strength and design, a side margin control for centering holes quickly and easily, and a coil size selector.


  • Discontinued - Click here for a replacement product.
  • Manual Coil Punch and Binding Machine
  • Punches up to 15 sheets
  • Binds up to 92 sheets with a 12mm coil
  • Any length open ended horizontal punch
  • Adjustable punch margin - improve all books' strength and design
  • Side margin control - adjust margin quickly and easily
  • Coil size selector - built-in indicator shows suggested coil size
  • Full 46 disengagement pins
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Manually Binding for any size