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Dynafold DE-322AF Automatic Paper Folder

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The DE-322 AF tabletop folding machine is a compact, affordable alternative to high-end folding systems. If you need to fold thick paper, or very small or oversized paper, The DynaFold 322 is the machine for you. It is a heavy duty desktop folding machine that folds paper sizes up to 12" x 17-3/4" and can perform a cross fold (fold in half, then put through again from the side) plus all other common folds. It can handle thicker paper than most folding machines(up to 110# bond). Stack up to 200 sheets of paper on the stacking table, set the type of fold you want, and flick the switch. The DE-322 makes folding fast and easy with an adjustable speed which can be set for up to 10,000 sheets an hour. A stack of 200 will be folded in less than 2 minutes. The DE-322AF also has simple adjustments for different paper thickness. This machine possesses the features of higher priced paper folding machines while offering an economical solution.


  • Discontinued - Click here for a replacement product.
  • Compact, auto-feeding, and high performance
  • Automatic friction feed system
  • With anti-static electricity device
  • Feed tray capacity: 500 sheets
  • Sets standard and non-standard folds in seconds
  • Adjustable for non-standard and standard paper size
  • Adopts high precision needle bearing
  • Simple adjustment for different paper thickness
  • With pressure adjuster for paper feeding
  • New wider feed roller for accurate paper folding
  • Folding speed is adjustable
  • Conveyor belt to neatly stack finished sheets
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