Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Personal Size Shredders — Compact, Convenient and Affordable

...For home and small office use

Let’s get personal — Personal shredders

These are shredders that are good for individual use. Great for home or small businesses or even for larger companies that want to place shredders at desk sides.

Designed for years of relatively light use, they typically handle between 3 and 10 sheets of document-sized or EDP paper at one time. Strip-cut and cross-cut models are available with extras that come standard like automatic on/off switches, durable cutting heads that take staples and paper clips, and reverse switches. Most Personal Shredders fit comfortably under a counter or desk and offer easy waste removal.

A Wide Range
Like the bigger office shredders, the personal size models come in a wide price range. Office supply stores will typically carry the lower-end brands. One thing I would caution you is to be careful to buy a shredder that can handle the amount of paper volume you will be shredding. Some of the personal shredders are pretty limited in the amount of paper that can be shred at one time. Also, it just makes good sense to buy a shredder with steel cutting heads.

You will find the best prices, selection and service on paper shredders at Factory Express, Inc.

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