Friday, July 15, 2005

What About Customer Service and Maintenance?

Paper Shredders really are not difficult to operate and the maintenance doesn’t usually require a specialist. However, if you don’t do the basics, like clear the heads of excess shredded paper, oiling when needed and giving the motor a rest once in a while (yes, even on “continuous rated” motors) you’re eventually asking for trouble. All good paper shredders come with warranties (typically a year on the basic parts and three to five years on the cutting heads) and sometimes you can get service contracts. Also, who you buy from needs to be reputable. The convenience of online shopping is wonderful, but make sure you get to know your seller. Commonsense considerations like a phone number to talk to a representative, secure servers to process your credit card and posted terms of service are mandatory. Don ’t get burned by a “fly-by-night” operator.

Walk into any office supply store and you will probably get a choice of some economical models, such as those sporting the Fellowes and Royal brand names. You can spend $30-80 and get a decent entry-level machine. However, since you are online looking for a good deal, keep in mind that only a handful of manufacturers make all the shredders. Some of these machines get private labeled. You can easily go online to find quality shredders from top name makers at bargain prices. You will find the best prices, selection and service at Factory Express, Inc. Factory Express honors all manufacturer warranties and stands by every machine we sell. In many cases we even provide on-site service for your office machines in need of repair.

Paper Shredders Info was designed to help you do the research before you buy. Explore our site thoroughly and you might also want to read our FAQ article. If you have a question or concern you don’t see specifically addressed we will be happy to hear from you. Call Us toll free at (800) 399-2564.

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