Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Industrial Shredders

For Major Shredding Needs, the Industrial Shredder and Shredder – Baler Combinations from Olympia, HSM, and MBM are a Perfect Choice.

One thought keeps occurring to me regarding Industrial – size paper shredders: “Let the Big Dogs Eat!”

These shredders are specialized. Not everyone has the shredding demands for machines of this capacity (if you are looking for large capacity that doesn’t require an industrial model consider departmental shredders or large office shredders).

If you determine you need an industrial shredder there are several considerations.

Amount of Shredding
Industrial shredders can easily shred between 60 and 140 sheets of paper at one time! Engineered to save you time, space and money, industrial shredders often come equipped with standard or optional accessories like hoppers, conveyor belts, and balers* that can effortlessly shred over 1000 pounds of paper products per hour and produce 150 lb to 1000 lb bales that radically reduce the volume of shredded materials. Various shred sizes and capacity models are available and some manufacturers can provide made-to-order options.

* A baler automatically compresses the piles of shredded material into compact bales.

Power Consumption
220 volt 3 phase is typical. Do you have adequate electrical capability?

Space Accomodations
Where will you house the shredder? The bigger models will need a large operating area. A large shredder/baler combinaton can need as much as 150 feet by 75 feet on the high end. Other machines (without balers need around 80 x 60 feet.

Shipping and Setup
These machines are going to require special shipping. They also may need to be special ordered. You are going to want to coordinate this in advance of your purchase. Discuss with a salesperson if the machine you want is available, how it will ship and what is required to set it up at your facility. Most dealers will have a factory representative walk you through the process and will typically provide setup, installation and training. Optional CMA’s (contract maintenance agreements) may be available.

At the minimum you will pay $4000-5000. Baler combinations can run as high as $30,000. In the long run they will pay for themselves and the right machine can be used to provide third-party shredding for companies.

Specialized Cardboard/Corrugated Box Shredders
The HSM ProfiPack and Schleicher PacMaster can shred cardboard boxes. Many companies like this option as they can turn their corrugated boxes into packing material.

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