Tuesday, September 06, 2005

What is the Difference Between Cross Cut and Confetti Cut?

Cross Cut vs. Confetti Cut Paper Shredders

There is no difference between a cross cut shredder and a confetti cut shredder.

They are one in the same, and merely different names for the same product. The shredded bits, or chad created by a cross cut paper shredder often resemble confetti and that's where the term comes from. However; some cross cut shredders shred paper into what look like short strips or rectangles. Traditionally when we think of confetti, we recognize it as being square in shape, and small in dimension. So if you are looking for square chad as opposed to rectangular, be sure to pay attention to the shred size of the models you are looking at.

Shop for cross cut/confetti cut shredders

Whatever the name though, these are the most popular types of paper shredder. Cross cut shredders provide more security by the blades cutting paper vertically as well as horizontally, generating that confetti-like output. This process keeps your documents secure, and away from prying eyes, making cross cut shredders perfect for personal/home use or for any size business. Use this type of shredder if you are destroying confidential material like bank statements, credit cards, financial documents, etc. The shredded paper from cross cut/confetti cut shredders compresses better so the basket holds more cut paper. Cross cut paper shredders save on the cost of shredder bags, and time wasted with frequent bag changes . Most of todays cross cut/confetti cut shredders will also shred staples and paper clips as well. The trade-off is that that a cross-cut shredder is more expensive for the same model and has a lower paper capacity because of the greater load on the motor of cutting the paper into small pieces. These paper shredders also will require more maintenance and need to be oiled more frequently than their strip cut counterparts.

For ultimate security, there is no alternative to using a cross cut shredder to make confetti out of your confidential documents.

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