Monday, October 10, 2005

High Speed Laminating From Ledco

LEDCO Introduces A New High-Speed Laminator System

The LEDCO division of Graphic Laminating introduces a new high-speed, in-line laminator system featuring a precision engineered feeder that automatically separates sheets, a 25-inch high-speed laminator that provides variable-speed operation up to 65 feet-per-minute, and a custom-designed cutter that automatically cuts film up to 50 mil thick.

“Dollar for dollar, there is no other in-line laminator system on the market that can touch the value of this system. In addition to its unique features and quality workmanship, the system operates flawlessly, delivers consistent and reliable results, and is backed by our two-year warranty,” said Mike Hannon, president of Graphic Laminating. “It easily compares to systems priced four and five times more.”

The new system’s automatic feeder is completely self-contained and mounted on casters for easy movement. Precision engineered with minimum set-up adjustments, the feeder accurately separates the top sheet from the remaining stack and quickly forwards it to the high-speed laminator. The stack table is motorized and adjusts automatically throughout the process for trouble-free operation.

The 25-inch, high performance “Thoroughbred” laminator is designed to provide years of service with minimum maintenance. The laminator includes intelligent heat controllers that display the set temperature and the actual temperature. A microprocessor anticipates the heat demand of each job and maintains the actual temperature within a few degrees of the set temperature. Other features include a swing-away top heat shoe to reduce film abrasion; built-in retractable slitters to remove scrap from both sides of each sheet during lamination; silicone rubber laminating and pull rollers for superior release quality; dual tension knobs for wrinkle-free work and forced air cooling with built-in chill rollers to provide contact cooling during high-speed flat lamination.

The high-speed, precision cutter is designed to automatically cut film up to 50 mil thick. It includes levers to open and close feed rollers and a feed tray with easily adjustable guides that are machined square for precise web travel. The high speed cutter also offers spontaneous speed adjustment during operation, easy-to interchange cutting blades, and a control panel that displays all settings before, during and after operation. Because it requires no pneumatics, the cutter is simpleto install and operate.

Graphic Laminating, Inc., headquartered in Solon, Ohio, provides laminating equipment, laminating films, and laminating services to individuals, corporations, and institutions. The management of Graphic Laminating originated thermal lamination technology in the 1950’s. Since then, the company has expanded to become the leading supplier of high-quality films and is the only laminating equipment manufacturer with an in-house, full service laminating facility.

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