Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Inserter and Sealer Paper Folders

…Fold, Insert, Seal and Mail!

A business confronted with frequent mailings will soon discover the convenience and time-saving benefits of Folder/Inserters and Folder/Sealers.

Paper Folder-Inserter
A paper folder inserter is a high-end machine that will fold documents and insert them into standard business envelopes automatically. They are capable of folding single sheets as well as folding stapled multiple documents and nest cards or reply envelopes within the folded document. Folder/Inserters make easy work of the tedious task of folding and inserting documents. Fold and/or insert checks, invoices, newsletters, business reply envelopes or any document up to 14” in one pass. A folder/inserter is an ideal mail handling solution for any office environment.

Paper Folder/Sealers
A Folder/Sealer is a high-volume folder sometimes refered to as mail handling folders. This is because inserter/sealers are used with pressure sensitive forms to create self-mailing forms. These folder/sealers take a document and insert it into a pressure-sensitive envelope and close it. The pressure-sensitive envelopes are envelopes that have self-adhesive glue pre-applied before use. Some machines process 7,000 to 30,000 self mailers per hour. When used with a simplex printer and pressure seal forms, these folder/sealers combine flexibility, ease of use, and power to create the ultimate solution for streamlining your office’s paper processing.

Too Complicated?

These machines are top-of-the line production models with a variety of “bells and whistles”. The investment is thousands of dollars, but there is definitely a need and a market for them.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Don’t fret. Folder/Inserter/Sealers are not difficult to operate. You’ll find the easy to use touch-pad control panel, large capacity hoppers, L.E.D. indicators and photo eye for neat and sequential stacking of processed forms a pleasure.Formax makes high quality and dependable units and provides setup and instruction. Ask your sales representative for assistance in selecting the right model for your needs.

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