Monday, October 10, 2005

My Paper Shredder Won't Stop Running

Does Your Shredder Run Continually?

In most cases this is a problem caused by the photo eye in your paper shredder. This device is located directly in the middle of the feed throat where you put the paper in. The photo eye basically tells the motor when there is paper being inserted into the shredder. When the eye is covered it thinks paper is going in, so the motor turns on. tThis means that if this eye is obscured the paper shredder will keep running. Check to make sure that this photo eye is not being blocked by anything. Most of the time this will occur due to a buid up of paper dust and oil. To clean the eye, make sure that you unplug your paper shredder first. Take a clean rag or cotton swab and remove the debris from the photo eye. This sould solve the problem and restore your shredders functionality.

If this technique doesn't work then you will most likely have to replace the photo eye assembly or circuit board. One other possible technique is to adjust the trim pot on the circuit board if there is one. Sometimes this simple adjustment will fix the problem, although it is a more advanced repair and should only be attempted by the technically savy individual.

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