Friday, October 28, 2005

Paper Shredder Parts

Are you looking for replacement parts for your paper shredder?

Factory Express is a factory authorized shredder parts supplier for every brand of shredder we carry. Popular shredder manufacturers like GBC, Fellowes, Dahle, HSM, and MBM provide Factory Express the ability to distribute the paper shredder parts you need when you need them. We also have the ability to obtain hard to find shredder parts or parts for an older or discontinued paper shredder model. For inquiries about specific parts please call our paper shredder experts at (800) 399-2564 to check for availability. Avoid unscheduled dowtime and replace old or worn parts on your paper shredder before it leads to problems. Often times buying paper shredder parts and performing repairs can save you a lot of money. Don't throw out a paper shredder that is worth thousands when you could easily fix it with a one hundred dollar part.

Having trouble installing your new shredder parts?

Factory Express' skilled technicians are fully trained in all aspects of every paper shredder we sell. If you are having trouble, Factory Express may be able to provide technical support to aleviate your difficulties with installing your shredder parts. In some cases we can have a technician come out to your location if the need arises.

If your paper shredder is beyond repair and no amount of parts will bring it back to life, visit Factory Express. You will always find the lowest prices on new paper shredders and used paper shredders at Factory Express.

To order paper shredder parts call (800) 399-2564

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