Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Automated Desktop Binding Solution

GBC Introduces Innovative Automated Desktop Binding Solution for Office and Print-for-Pay Environments
New ProClick® Pronto™ Automatically Binds with GBC ProClick Elements

GBC, a market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of binding and laminating products, has recently introduced a new automated binding solution for multi-user offices, print-for-pay, and high-production binding environments. The new ProClick Pronto systems are designed to improve workflow and increase productivity using the patented GBC ProClick binding style.

With the ProClick Pronto desktop systems and ProClick binding elements, users can produce up to 450 letter-sized 11” x 8.5” professionally bound documents per hour. The key to the Pronto’s productivity is a pre-loaded cassette holding the ProClick binding elements, eliminating the need to load elements one at a time. ProClick elements, available in three sizes and four colors, can be easily opened allowing pages to be edited, added, or deleted and then re-bound with the same element. ProClick-bound documents lie flat and pages can be rotated 360° for convenient note taking and photocopying.

The ProClick Pronto is available in two models: the ProClick Pronto P2000 and the ProClick Pronto P3000. The ProClick Pronto P2000 is a high-productivity, bind-only unit engineered to complement GBC’s high-capacity punches including the StreamPunch™ II, Quantum ® P70iX, AP-2 Ultra, USP-13, Magnapunch, and MP2500iX. The ProClick Pronto P3000 unit integrates an electric punch into the same machine for an all-in-one punch and automated bind solution. Both systems are easy to use and require no special user training.

GBC, an ACCO Brands Company, is a world leader with over 50 years’ experience in products that bind, laminate and display information. The GBC Commercial Products Group is an innovative technology leader in providing thermal and pressure-sensitive laminating films and equipment and professional-grade binding solutions for the commercial and digital printing markets. For corporate and print-for-pay markets, GBC offers a full range of products and services, from custom presentation solutions and technical service to high-end binding and laminating systems and supplies. ACCO Brands Corporation, (NYSE: ABD) is a world leader in branded office products with annual revenues of nearly $2 billion. Its industry-leading brands include Swingline, Kensington, Wilson Jones, Quartet, GBC and Day-Timer, among others.

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