Wednesday, December 14, 2005

New Pouch Laminator - The GBC HeatSeal H310

GBC HeatSeal H310 12-1/2" Pouch Laminator
New at Factory Express!

The NEW GBC HeatSeal ® H310 is ideal for the small or home office with light to moderate laminating needs. This laminator is ready when you need it. Allow just five minutes for warm up time. With it’s 12-1/2" ‘throat’ and it’s Photo Quality capability, the GBC H310 Pouch Laminator opens up new possibilities: maps, charts, menus, posters, notices, technical drawings, etc. This laminator is perfect for laminating oversized items up to 12-1/2" with pouches up to 5 mil thick. Protect and enhance charts, phone lists, photos and all of your other important documents. It's photo quality so even heat sensitive materials look their best every time. Take advantage of the adjustable thermostat that allows you to use both 3 mil and 5 mil laminating pouches. This pouch laminator also has a separate cold function just for heat-sensitive materials, thus increasing the versatility of the machine. Laminate up to 90 pieces per hour with GBC Hi-Speed Pouches, or 65 without. Enjoy top quality performance from this machine with carrier free operation. The exit tray on the GBC H310 adds to the convenience of the machine, keeping the laminated product straight on exit, minimising curling and warping of the material. GBC Photo quality technology provides a clear bubble-free finish even on glossy stocks and the Ready-Glo™ light signals when the laminator is ready to use. Added features include: Auto shut-off, jam release lever and built-in exit tray. This Laminator also comes complete with a Two (2) year limited warranty. More Specs

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GBC H310 Pouch Laminator Details

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