Thursday, August 31, 2006

GBC® ProClick® Pronto™ Automated Binding Machine Generates Professional, Editable Bound Documents In A Snap!

First-of-its-Kind Office System Revolutionizes the Previously Laborious Manual Binding Process

For some companies, the art of creating business presentations involves countless hours of research, strategizing and brainstorming, which is almost always followed by a frantic, last-second, mad-dash to actually assemble the document hard-copies and shove them out the door. The scenario is so common, it's almost like an office ritual.

But GBC, the leader in document finishing for more than 50 years, has a revolutionary new solution to help eliminate those late nights of harried document assembly with the introduction of a new product – the ProClick® Pronto™ P3000. The ProClick Pronto P3000 is the world's first desktop automatic binding machine that punches, measures and fits documents with a professional binder spine that gives presentations a professional finish never before offered.

"In developing the ProClick Pronto P3000, GBC has created a totally unique solution to an age-old problem – how to quickly produce bound presentations that stand out from the rest of the business world clutter," said Jim Brodecki, senior category manager, ACCO Brands. "The ProClick Pronto does all of those things, and it makes them simple to do, which has never been the case with other types of binding equipment."

At roughly the size of a fax machine or color printer, the ProClick Pronto P3000 can be incorporated into nearly any workspace, and it's simple enough to operate that anyone can begin using it to help assemble their next project immediately, without any training.

For the first time, creating a professionally bound document is as easy as pushing a button. The ProClick Pronto P3000 automatically punches holes in the paper and then automatically secures it with a contemporary-looking ProClick zip spine.

The unique ProClick spines do more than enhance the look and feel of your presentations over standard comb or wire spines, they also improve the readability of documents by allowing pages to rotate a full 360 degrees and lay flat when opened.

But, how many times have you created a bound presentation only to find an error on "page 17" that had to be fixed. With a standard lever-operated document binder, you would have to completely tear open the presentation, discard the spine, find a replacement and then laboriously re-install it, wasting precious time and resources to make a single edit to your presentation.

Now, with the ProClick zip spine, presentations may be re-opened at any point within the document with a simple swipe of the ProClick zip tool. Once the spine has been opened, the appropriate page may be removed and replaced. Then a final swipe of the ProClick zip tool completely re-seals the document spine. For the first time, the process of editing a bound document literally takes just a few seconds.

With the ProClick Pronto P3000 the entire document binding process takes just a fraction of the time and effort previously required, saving office employees valuable time and resources the next time a large batch of business presentations is called for.

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