Friday, September 01, 2006

PS Mailers ISM Folder/Sealer

Perfect for checks, tax forms, invoices, statements, grade reports, any custom or stock form you print on your laser printer for mailing.

The PS Mailers ISM is the latest addition to the PS Mailers line of pressure seal folder/sealers and is designed to give smaller businesses the capability of processing as few as 6,500 documents per year. This desktop folder/sealer is a cost effective solution for your self mailer needs. The PS Mailers ISM sets up in minutes and has the versatility to fold and seal all popular fold styles (V, Z, C, and EZ) with no add-on parts or additional charges. Designed for low volume mailings, up to 1,800 forms per hour, for 11" depth documents. Adjustable fold plates allow for variations in documents and accommodates custom folds. PS Mailers - The most cost effective and capable pressure seal folding/sealing equipment on the market today.



PS Mailers offers everything in one complete package: the equipment, the software and the documents! No more running around to three different sources, You have the solution that save time, money , and resources. "Welcome to the Solution Revolution!"

PS Mailers Format Driver (sold separately)
Finally, a software that's simple, inexpensive, and powerful! The Format Driver converts output from existing applications, without modifications. Choose from pre-designed forms or create your own. Interfaces with the software and printer to give you seamless integration.

PS Mailers Documents (sold separately)
Patented design and guaranteed compatibility with the PS Mailers equipment and software. Whatever your mailing needs, here's a solution that really works! Pressure Seal self-mailers are designed to be printed, folded, sealed and mailed in much less time than conventional printing and mailing processes. It is a one-piece sheet that when folded, becomes the envelope. There are five styles of PS Mailers (C, Z, V, EZ, & ZX) to give you virtually unlimited options for the various applications your business has. PS Mailers quality documents provide the security and efficiency you expect, every time. Guaranteed!

PS Mailers ISM

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