Friday, March 23, 2007

Laminate Your Life: How to Make Items Last Without Going Digital

GBC Showcases Top 20 Ways to Laminate Around the Home

Americans are getting more creative in developing methods to make their memories last forever with technologies such as writable CDs, memory sticks and mini hard drives. But, not everything can be stored or easily accessed electronically, as evident by the large increase in color printers, digital photo printing and a renewed interest in crafts that preserve memories like scrapbooking.

“GBC® has seen more interest in its lamination products from home users than ever before,” said Kellie Glueck, Director of Consumer Marketing at ACCO® Brands.

In a recent research study of home and business consumers who own laminating machines, GBC found that 24 percent use them to protect recipes and 23 percent utilize them for craft projects. “It's easy for consumers to capture volumes of memories and information that don't have the same effect in a digital format, like family recipe cards passed down through generations,” said Jim O'Shaughnessy, Lamination Category Manager for ACCO Brands. “We offer new laminating pouches to make it easier for both home and business users to laminate with or without a machine.” The SelfSeal™ NoMistakes™ lamination pouch does not require a machine. Simply align a document on the non-adhesive side of the pouch and peel away the liner to firmly seal it with a glossy, clear finish. Plus, the consumer has up to 24 hours to reposition the item, if needed. Another popular option is the HeatSeal® RetrieveIt™ pouch, sealed with any standard GBC pouch laminator. It fully protects documents for as long as needed. Just cut the pouch to remove the item still intact – a perfect touch for photos.

From checklists to photos, here's a sample of the hundreds of creative ways that people are laminating in their home lives:

GBC to Launch PhotoPOP!
The GBC study also named photos as the item most people have laminated. As a result, GBC is introducing the new PhotoPOP! laminated photo pouches for 4 x 6 photos, bringing creativity and fun to preserving and sharing precious moments. Available in several event based designs, from sports to vacation themes, they offer custom designed borders for any picture. Pictures can be easily placed inside the flexible frame by opening the pouch, peeling back the liner to center the photo, then sealing the PhotoPOP! pouch so a personal message can be written on the back. The PhotoPOP! pouches do not require a machine and offer a new, easy way to send photo greetings or preserve a memory with style. Plus they come with an envelope and magnets to make mailing and displaying easier.

GBC laminating machines and pouches including PhotoPOP! are available at local office products retailers.

About GBC and ACCO Brands Corporation
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